Fuel Prices in Germany Fall Due to Lower Oil Prices: Super E10 and Diesel Cheaper at the Pump

Fuel prices at German petrol stations have fallen noticeably compared to the previous week. According to the current ADAC evaluation, a liter of Super E10 costs 1.789 euros on average nationwide, which is 3.1 cents less than a week ago. The fall in diesel prices is even clearer: drivers currently have to pay an average of 1.639 euros for a liter, which is a minus of 3.9 cents.

The main reason for the relaxation at the gas stations is the lower Brent crude oil prices, which have fallen to around $81 from around $85 in the previous week. With the current development, the price difference between the two types of fuel is approaching the different tax rates for petrol and diesel, because a liter of diesel is now 15 cents cheaper than Super E10. In fact, a liter of diesel is taxed a good 20 cents less than petrol. At the beginning of the year, diesel even cost 12 cents more than the Super E10. (awm)

2023-04-26 07:00:00

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