Krasnoyarsk regional hospital lacks doctors and places for patients | NGS24

The regional clinical hospital does not have enough doctors. The doctors themselves write about this and ask to respond to the call of specialists.

– The situation is stalemate. We urgently need doctors in the regional one, we are not enough, – writes infectious disease doctor Dmitry Morozov on his page.

According to the physician, they managed to survive the first wave, the second, perhaps precisely because the Krasnoyarsk residents relaxed, stopped taking precautions – wearing masks, gloves, keeping a distance.

– Any sane person understands that we are all tired of these restrictions, we want to go to the theater and to the cafe. But, unfortunately, the virus is still flying among us, and the number of cases is starting to gain momentum. Moscow is closing down, again there is talk about the introduction of tough anti-epidemic measures in all cities of our country, international borders may be closed again in the near future, offices are starting to fill up again after a respite in August. The situation is aggravated by the fact that during this period of the year, outbreaks of other acute respiratory diseases such as influenza, adenoviruses, parainfluenza, respiratory syncytial viruses, rhinoviruses and so on become more frequent, ” he explains.

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