Five habits that cause diabetes, one of which is not eating breakfast

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Patient diabetes in Indonesia has reached 19.47 million people in 2021. The International Diabetes Federation estimates that this number will change to 28.57 million people in 2045.

Citing Mayoclinic, diabetes is a condition characterized by high levels of blood sugar so that it is difficult for the body’s cells to absorb it and interfere with other body organs. The pancreas in diabetics is not able to produce the hormone insulin according to the body’s needs. In fact, the hormone plays an important role in the process of absorption of blood sugar.

Reporting from Everyday Health, it turns out that many daily habits that are not realized can trigger the emergence of diabetes. These habits include:

  1. Skipping breakfast

Skipping breakfast makes you hungry in the morning until noon. This sets off a chain reaction that disrupts insulin levels and blood sugar control.

  1. Too often drink and eat sweet

As already explained, diabetes is a problem with blood sugar levels. When consuming too much sugar or something sweet, will be very prone to diabetes.

  1. Too much carbohydrate consumption

Carbohydrates contain glucose or sugar. If you consume too much, it is certain that your glucose will spike.

  1. Midnight snacking

This diet causes a spike in blood sugar and interferes with insulin secretion. When insulin disturbed, of course he can not work properly when controlling blood sugar.

  1. Stay up late

When you sleep less than six hours, the hormones that control blood glucose and hunger are disrupted. This can lead to weight gain and diabetes risk.

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