Korpershoek: ‘Everyone is looking for the shirts, Van Gangelen can do a little more’

SC Telstar played against TOP Oss with special ‘Frank Korpershoek-shirts’: an image of the midfielder and his famous bicycle kick against FC Den Bosch was depicted on the shirts. A true collector’s item.

“That is an item, isn’t it. I was surprised, positively surprised. It is a beautiful shirt”, says Korpershoek after the match against TOP Oss in front of the camera. FOX Sports. “I got a painting as a surprise from my girlfriend, who had gathered some friends and family. The club surprised me with the image on the shirt. This one will get a nice place.”

Korpershoek does not yet know exactly what he will do with the special shirt. “This one goes to my parents, it is a very special one. Maybe it will get a nice place at home too.” Reportedly wanted FOX Sportsreporter Jan Joost van Gangelen also likes to take over the shirt, but that is canceled. “This will remain under our own management”, laughs Korpershoek. “Everyone is looking for these shirts, they cost 63 euros. But Jan-Joost can lose a little more”, the midfielder concludes.


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