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Korean Men’s and Women’s Table Tennis Teams Head to Hangzhou for Asian Games Tournament

The Korean men’s and women’s table tennis teams headed to Hangzhou, People’s Republic of China on the 19th to participate in the table tennis tournament that will be held from September 22nd, the day before the opening ceremony of the Asian Games.

The number of athletes participating in each event, five men and five men, is the same as at the Asian Championships held in Pyeongchang in early September. However, unlike in the Asian Championships where all 10 players can compete in singles, only two men and two men can compete.

In this tournament’s individual singles, Jang Woo-jin and Lim Jong-hoon will compete in the men’s division, and Seo Hyo-won and Shin Yu-bin will compete in the women’s division.

The Hangzhou Asian Games, originally scheduled to be held in 2022, could not be held last year due to the resurgence of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and was postponed for a year.

Therefore, like the Tokyo 2020 Games, the logo and brand will remain the same, but will be held the following year, adding to the confusion among the athletes participating in the one-year period.

Table tennis also held the national team selection match for the Asian Games again and selected new players, and the timing was good for Shin Yu-bin, who succeeded in rehabilitation amidst the chaos.

Shin Yu-bin almost missed the opportunity to debut at the Asian Games, but luckily, as the competition was postponed for a year, she was able to participate in the national team selection match for the Asian Games held again in March.

In an interview with Olympics.com, who grew up to be Korea’s table tennis ace, he said, “It wasn’t my thing originally, but I was lucky and had the opportunity (to participate in the selection tournament). So, rather than thinking that I would definitely win this, I felt more at ease and went into the game. “I think I did my best,” he said, expressing his feelings about confidently confirming his trip to Hangzhou by placing first in the selection competition.

Shin Yu-bin, who showed outstanding performance at the World Championships, including this year’s World Table Tennis (WTT) Contender Tournament, is being watched to see how far she can soar in the Asian Games.

Last May, Shin Yu-bin, along with her partner Jeon Ji-hee, reached the finals at the Durban World Championships for the first time in Korean women’s table tennis history 30 years after Hyun Jeong-hwa’s singles win in 1993. Although she finished as runner-up after being defeated by the People’s Republic of China, her silver medal win is considered a great achievement in Korean table tennis, so everyone paid attention to her future growth.

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