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Korean Fans File Complaint Against Klinsmann & Football Chairman

Original title: Korean fans are anxious!Angrily accuses Klinsmann of tarnishing South Korea’s reputation and files a complaint against the Football Association Chairman

After losing to Jordan 0-2 and stopping in the semi-finals of the Asian Cup, South Korea’s domestic calls for the dismissal of coach Jurgen Klinsmann have become louder and louder. A civil group complained to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Department that Klinsmann had tarnished South Korea’s reputation at the Asian Cup in Qatar and violated his contract while coaching the national team. We will file a claim against the head coach and others. “

Today, the Korean Football Association announced that “the Football Association executives held a free discussion meeting at the Football Association this morning to review the Asian Cup and the overall issues of the event.”

The Football Association explained that this meeting was an opportunity to gather executives before the national team reinforcement committee held this week and listen to their opinions on the national team’s Asian Cup results, as well as discuss whether to fire head coach Klinsmann. .

Due to the absence of Korean Football Association Chairman Chung Mong-gyu, former Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Kim Jong-bae and Football Association Vice Chairman Jang Wai-ryong presided over the meeting. Lee Seok-jae, Choi Young-il, Strengthening Committee Chairman Michael Muller, Competition Committee Chairman Zheng Hae-sung, and Jury Committee Chairman Li Zhengmin, Chairman of the Technical Committee Li Rensheng and Huang Fuguan. Quan Hanzhen, Minister of Technology Department and Minister of Management Department, attended the meeting.

The South Korean team led by coach Klinsmann lost 0-2 to Jordan in the Asian Cup semi-finals and performed disappointingly, failing to overwhelm their opponent throughout the game, so they were criticized by fans. After the team was eliminated in the semi-finals, public opinion was abuzz, criticizing coach Klinsmann for not using the abilities of the European players, and even smiling after failing to achieve his goal of winning the championship.

Some even pointed out that Klinsmann destroyed the legacy of former coach Paulo Bento who led Korean football to the last 16 at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

This morning, Korean fans held a protest in front of the Korean Football Association in Sinmun-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, calling for Klinsmann to be fired. Fans chanted “Fire Klinsmann immediately” in front of the Football Association’s goal. Demonstrators held placards with messages such as “Disclosure of qualifications, processes and salary standards.”

In addition, the South Korean civil society Committee for People’s Livelihood Countermeasures reported Chung Mong-kyu to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Department for crimes such as breach of trust and obstruction of official duties. The main reason was the appointment of Klinsmann as national team coach.

The group claimed in the accusation that Zheng Mongkui made his own decision in the process of selecting Klinsmann, regardless of the standards proposed by the National Team Strengthening Committee.

The group also demanded that Klinsmann take full responsibility for failing to win the Asian Cup, including liquidated damages for contract termination.

Klinsmann’s annual salary is estimated to be approximately US$2.2 million (approximately 2.9 billion won). If the Korean Football Association takes the initiative to terminate the contract, Klinsmann will receive about 7 billion won in compensation. If the coaching staff is included, it will be about 10 billion won.

Kim Sun-hwan, secretary-general of the People’s Livelihood Countermeasures Committee, said: “Klinsmann tarnished South Korea’s reputation at the Asian Cup in Qatar and violated the contract while coaching the national team. We will file a claim against the head coach and others.”

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