Korea Communications Commission Chairman Han Sang-hyeok Appears in Prosecution Over TV Chosun’s Re-Approval Suspicions

In 2020, at the time of the reapproval review of TV Chosun, a comprehensive programming channel, Han Sang-hyeok, chairman of the Korea Communications Commission, who was accused of intentionally deducting points, appeared before the prosecution.

Chairman Han appeared at the Seoul Northern District Prosecutor’s Office at around 10:00 am today and said, “Since taking office as the chairman of the Korea Communications Commission, I have been doing my best to handle business transparently without being biased.” I can’t,” he said.

Chairman Han also said, “I have no change in my intention to keep my term of office.”

Prosecutors plan to intensively question Chairman Han whether he ordered or received a report on the intentional deduction during the TV Chosun re-approval review.

Previously, on the 16th of last month, the prosecution conducted a search and seizure of Chairman Han’s home and the office of the Korea Communications Commission, and at the time, the head of the re-approval review practice department and the manager, and the head of the review committee, Professor Yoon Mo, were handed over to trial.

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