Knäbel: Schröder will not be returning to the Bundesliga anytime soon

Schalke sporting director Peter Knäbel does not believe that Rouven Schröder, who has resigned, will return to the Bundesliga anytime soon. “It would surprise me” if Schröder “wanted to go back somewhere soon,” said Knäbel in an interview with “Bild am Sonntag”. “I hope he can find some peace now.”

The 47-year-old Schröder had asked Schalke for personal reasons to withdraw from his contract, which is valid until 2024, but this is currently only suspended. There has been media reports recently about a move to RB Leipzig. Schalke would have heard a request from Saxony, Knäbel said. “It is part of the business and it is our duty as a member of the board. I can assure you one thing: we know exactly what Rouven has to offer.”

He would be “rather surprised if – after some time – he didn’t consider other offers,” Knäbel said of Schröder. “I would also like him to return to football. But it is also clear that contractually we have the reins of the action in hand. “(Dpa)

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