Klopp Refuses to Be Stuck in Nostalgia, Ready to Defeat Liverpool’s ‘Old Star’


Juergen Klopp reluctant to get stuck in nostalgia for past successes. The German coach emphasized that he would not hesitate to expel players who were no longer performing as expected, regardless of the contributions they had made to the team. Liverpool.

After appearing extraordinary last season, in which Liverpool had competed for four trophies (and eventually won two), Mohamed Salah et al’s performance has actually declined this season. Injuries and fatigue are said to be the culprits.

Currently, Liverpool are in ninth place in the Premier League standings with 28 points from 18 matches. The Reds have also lost six times, including the last two games against Brentford and Brighton & Hove Albion.

Klopp was then considered reluctant to change the current squad, even too ‘loyal’ to players who were in decline or had passed the golden age. He also denied it.

“I’m a loyal person, I think everyone should be, but I’m not a very loyal person. The problems in this team are too complicated,” Klopp said, quoted by The Guardian.

“You have a good player who has done a lot in the past and maybe you think, ‘That’s enough for him.’ but now it’s time to say goodbye’.”

“But if you can’t bring in new players then you can’t take other players out, that’s the situation.”

“When I left Borussia Dortmund, I said ‘something has to change here’. It was a different situation then, but there were similarities. Either I leave, or things need to change. At the moment, from what I’ve heard, I’m not leaving (from Liverpool).”

“That means, maybe we have to change some things, and we will see. But it’s something to do in the future, like in the summer. Not now,” explained Klopp.

A number of players will be out of contract this summer, such as Naby Keïta, James Milner, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Roberto Firmino. Liverpool will also try to sign Jude Bellingham, who is currently playing at Dortmund.


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