Kiwil’s Story is Sick of a Virus to Thought of Sakaratul Maut


Kiwil recently admitted to being sick because of the virus. It was so bad that he thought about death.

This was told when he was a guest star of Pagi Pagi Ambyar Trans TV recently. According to the doctor, Kiwil was sick because of a virus that was eating away at his body.

“He said it was just a virus, there were already many viruses,” said Kiwil, when he was met in the Captain P Tendean area, Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta.

“Goosebumps, it feels like being stabbed by a spear. It doesn’t hurt anymore, it hurts. Just holding it hurts,” he continued.

Kiwil has felt strangeness in his body since Eid Al-Fitr 1443 H. When he was treated, Kiwil did not recover.

“Actually at first it was because of a headache, on the second day of Lebaran, my brother often complained of headaches. Then his eyes also blurred vision. At first his feet were also like aches, the body was weak, feverish, not like usual. It just didn’t get better, took medicine The shop has also been taken, he was taken to the nearest doctor and he didn’t recover, finally 5 days in the hospital,” said Kiwil’s wife, Venti on the same occasion.

When you feel pain, Kiwil gave up too. He was even willing if God took his life right then and there.

“Tell your wife, let’s just give up, die and die. Think about Sakaratul Maut, ah, let’s die, die,” said Kiwil.

“I had time. I said to Venti. ‘I’m sorry, I admit I was stubborn. Now Kiwil doesn’t want anything anymore’. It’s like if he doesn’t die, I go first. We’re just waiting for time,” he explained.

After several days of treatment, Kiwil finally recovered. He is also grateful for that.

“So my brother also has to rest. If the details of the illness, the doctor himself didn’t tell us. The point from yesterday’s illness was to take care of your diet, don’t be too tired, get lots of rest,” said Venti.

“Many taboos, like eating only fish are allowed. The vegetables are now temporarily stopped, reduced. I can’t eat green ones anymore. Meat, especially my brother, doesn’t like chicken or beef. It’s safe. It’s just fish for now,” he said.

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