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Kingdom Come: Deliverance II Czech Dubbing Update – Actors Confirmed and Revealed

The Czech dub for Kingdom Come: Deliverance II has already been done by the Czech distributor confirmed, but not surprisingly, other questions began to arise. These were mainly related to the team, while many players were again in discussions that they would like to return actors and actors from the Czech blackout of the first game. However, we already know that at least some are not returning. This was confirmed, for example, by the lexicographer Richard Wágner, who was in the first game he took on the main characters of Jindřich from Skalice. Marek Pilger, who was one of the authors for dubbing the first part, confirmed that he was not present.

Although it originally started as a fan project, it eventually became an official part of the game. At the moment, it is not yet known who is working on the Czech dubbing of the second part and who has been cast in it, but we can say for sure Richard Wagner he will not reprise the role of Jindra, because he was not approached. Due to several questions, he mentioned this in a video on his social networks. He also gave us a brief statement and confirmed that, unfortunately, he had not been contacted: “I have received a lot of messages in the last few days asking if I am coming back, that they hope to hear from me again as Jindra. But I don’t have a strong opinion, but given how wide the lines were in the first game, I would have recorded it by now.”

In relation to the game, the developers say that the two have more, which should also relate to the scope of the story and the conversations. Since Kingdom Come: Deliverance II is due out later this year, it’s likely that the dubbing will have to be in the works for some time. Wágner also thinks the same way, and was looking forward to talking to developers earlier. “I left work on the first part for about a year and a half. I liked it, I got used to Jindra and I’m sorry I wasn’t told about it. I’ve been looking forward to it since I heard the rumors that both were being made,” Wágner told Vortex.

As already mentioned, also also voiced by Marek Pilger, who directed and sang the Brno part of the dubbing of the first Kingdom Come. After the game was announced and the dubbing confirmed, he also received questions on social networks about whether he participated in its creation. However, according to his own words, he was not spoken to either, as he immediately stated in one of the contributions. “After watching the trailer for Kingdom Come: Deliverance II, I’m really sorry I’m not participating in the dubbing of this new Czech gem,” Pilger said in his short statement for Vortex.

Although we don’t know more about Czech dubbing yet, we are sure that it will arrive with the game later this year on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. For more on Kingdom Come: Freedom II, see our archiveyou can also look our report they study Warhorse.

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