Kim Gwang-Hyun appeared twice in one game… 4 hits and 3 books

The Mets and the Demonstration Match Startup, the coach raised twice in accordance with special rules
Throw 27 balls and catch one out… Manager Silt “I just played one game”
Ryu Hyun-jin made his first appearance this year on Saturday

St. Louis coach Mike Silt (center) is replacing Kim Gwang-hyun (right), who was struggling in the first demonstration game against the New York Mets on the 4th. However, Kim Gwang-Hyun was replaced after facing the two more batters on the mound in the second inning according to the special rules of the major league secretariat. Jupiter = AP Newsis

St. Louis left-handed pitcher Kim Gwang-hyun (33) had a unique experience of’two appearances in one game’ for the first time after his professional debut.

On the 4th, Kwang-Hyun Kim started in a demonstration game against the New York Mets held in Jupiter, Florida, USA. The results of the first official game this year were not very satisfactory. The average fastball restraint stayed at 142km/h, and the changing ball didn’t work properly.

Starting with a triple hit by lead batter Kevin Pilar in the first inning, he allowed 4 hits and 1 walk to score 3 runs. Kim Kwang-hyun was repulsed when he was able to catch only one outcount by throwing 27 balls.

But when the second episode started, Kim Gwang-hyun climbed onto the mound again. In the demonstration game held until the 14th, when the number of pitchers on the mound exceeds 20 pitches, the innings can be finished before the 3rd out or re-appearances after a replacement are applied. I was able to go on a business trip. Kim Gwang-hyun, who started pitching again in the second inning, showed better content than in the first. After giving only one walk against the second batter, it was replaced again. The performance on this day was 2/3 innings, 4 hits and 2 walks and 4 runs (3 ERA). The total number of pitches is 39. The loss was avoided as the team won 14-9. Kim Gwang-hyun said, “The ritual didn’t go well, and there wasn’t much arrest. I will show a different look in my next start.” Coach Mike Silt, who appointed Kim Gwang-hyun as the team’s third starter, also empowered him to say, “I just played one demonstration game now.”

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San Diego infielder Kim Ha-seong, 26, recorded two at-bats and one walk in a demonstration game against Milwaukee. Toronto ace Ryu Hyun-jin (34) will make their first appearance this year in a demonstration game against Baltimore on the 6th.

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