Understanding before injection Launch of the COVID-19 vaccine properties Each type is different.

Dr. Thira Post launches COVID-19 vaccine properties Each type is different. Suggest to understand before injecting thoroughly

Today (4 Mar. 64) Assoc. Prof. Teeraworathanarat, Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University’s Facebook post stated that from the current information We can know there is a COVID-19 vaccine. Many species that come out to be used all over the world.

For vaccines that are very interested in it, let’s simply divide it into three main types:

1. Vaccines using traditional technology Is to bring the whole virus to death Then used as a vaccine to stimulate immunity, such as China‘s Sinovac

2. New intermediate technology vaccines include removing or replicating viral cortex fragments such as the US’s Novavax and the use of other pathogens modified strains. To help carry some of the coronavirus genetic material into the body to stimulate the immune system, such as Astrazeneca / Oxford. Of the United Kingdom, Russia’s Sputnik-V and America’s Johnson & Johnson, all three use the same and different types of Adenovirus.

3. A vaccine that uses a new technology that has never been used before in other diseases is the mRNA vaccine such as Pfizer / Biontech and Moderna of America, or even a vaccine at CU. Researching as well

Summarized above Will understand in principle …

The properties of the COVID-19 vaccine differ from one type to another. Not the same Therefore, knowledge should be sought and fully understood.

Because if misunderstood Think there is a vaccine And injected without knowing what properties of that person are, how confident they may be thinking that they are strong, safe, free from disease Then abandoned the defense Until the outbreak occurred

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The desirable properties of the vaccine Describe a house type, there are 3 main things which are

1. Inject and prevent infection.

2. Injectable and still get infected But prevent getting sick

3.Inject and still get infected and get sick but reduce the severity or reduce the chance of death.

In principle We really want the first one. Currently, only Pfizer / Biontech is 75-89.4%, Moderna 67%, and Johnson & Johnson 74%. The Astrazeneca, if administered at regular doses, is currently only available in Pfizer / Biontech. Will only prevent 2%

While the second is that injectable, it is still infectious But prevent that sickness All vaccines that come out have this effect and vary greatly. That is highly effective Pfizer / Biontech, Novavax, Moderna, Sputnik-V, followed by Johnson & Johnson, Astrazeneca and Sinovac

As for the third benefit, it is injected and can get infected, get sick, but reduce the severity or death. Most vaccines have 90-100% of this property, except for some that are not fully published.

In addition, the vaccine properties that should be interested are: Effect on new virus strains That are mutants like the UK breed South African strains, etc. At the moment there are few vaccines that have been researched to be effective, such as Pfizer / Biontech, Moderna, etc., but most of them are known to be researching to improve their vaccines to manage new strains. Must continue to follow

The choice of the vaccine You need to look at both the properties mentioned above and weigh safety issues such as vaccine allergies.

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Therefore, you have to make a careful decision. Use the right information and knowledge as a light to investigate to help them think logically. Should not believe because the word of mouth told each other

Vaccines … for ourselves and our family members … have to choose wisely. Not anything

It directly affects the welfare and safety of our lives.

And when we have this knowledge Will know that Self-defense should continue until the war is over. Do not indulge in undeserved desires.

With love to everyone

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