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Kill by jumping off a bridge

The law enforcement officers patrolling the water area at that time also noticed something bad, seeing splashes of water in the distance. While picking up the binoculars, the employees noticed a man running into the water from the shore and starting to swim in the direction of the splash.

The incident was immediately reported to the State Fire and Rescue Service. Police also attracted divers to Lucavsala station. The man’s search lasted twenty minutes.

The work was then taken over by fire and rescue workers at the scene. The man’s remains were found after about an hour of searching.

It is likely that the internal organs were severely injured when falling from a great height and it was not possible to get ashore by oneself. The official version of what happened is not related to a criminal offense, the State Police concluded.

Law enforcement has yet to find out the causes of the incident and a version of the suicide will also be checked. Unofficially, it is known that a man was led to such an outcome by a challenge from his friend.

See more on TV3’s “Degpunkta”.

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