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Kharkov Regional Administration Scandal: Millions Embezzled in Food Procurement Scheme

According to the investigation, in March 2022, the head of the Kharkov Regional State Administration and the director of a private company entered into a tripartite agreement between the administration, Ukrzaliznytsia JSC and the mentioned LLC for the supply of food products.

These products were purchased under a state program for free distribution to the population in front-line regions and decoupled territories.

Subsequently, an official of the Kharkov OVA, in collusion with officials of the LLC, forged documents about allegedly receiving 235 tons of products from the supplier, which became the basis for Ukrzaliznytsia to transfer more than 15 million hryvnia to his accounts. However, the paid products were never delivered.

As the investigation found, in December 2022, participants in the scheme learned that NABU had criminal proceedings regarding their activities. In order to avoid exposure of the crime, an official of the Kharkov Police Department decides to disguise the non-issuance of products to the population by the fact of their responsible storage. In the end, OVA products were delivered and the damage was actually compensated.

Photo: in the Kharkov Police Department they exposed a scheme involving the purchase of “humanitarian aid” for 15 million hryvnia (nabu.gov.ua)

Among the suspects:

  • Chief of Staff of the Kharkov Regional State Administration;
  • LLC director and his deputy;
  • director of regional department of LLC.

Qualification: Part 5 Art. 191 Criminal Code, Part 1, Art. 366 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Comment from Kharkov OVA

In the Kharkov Regional Military Administration confirmedthat in March 2022, a trilateral agreement for the supply of food products was concluded between OVA, JSC Ukrzaliznytsia and a private company, which became the subject of research by law enforcement agencies.

“It is important to note that under the specified agreement, the products were supplied in full and within the scope of the agreement, and transferred as intended to the population of the Kharkov region. The fact of full delivery and fulfillment of the terms of the agreement is confirmed by the conclusions of the state audit for 2022,” the administration said.

They added that the Kharkov Police Department has contributed to the investigation since March 2022, provided relevant documents to relevant law enforcement agencies at all stages of investigative actions, and will continue to contribute to the investigation in the future in accordance with the requirements of current legislation.

“At the same time, if during the pre-trial investigation and in court the fact of criminal actions or intentions of any official is proven, then the person must personally suffer legal punishment,” the OVA noted.

Procurement scandals for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Let us recall that last year the media published an investigation in which it was alleged that the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine allegedly purchases products for the Armed Forces of Ukraine at prices that are 2-3 times higher than prices in Kyiv supermarkets. Read more about the scandal in the RBC-Ukraine article.

Amid the scandal, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Vyacheslav Shapovalov resigned.

Later, the SBI, together with NABU, reported a new suspicion to the former Deputy Minister of Defense, as well as the acting. Director of the Department of Public Procurement and Supply of Material Resources. When purchasing food for the army, they caused damage to the state worth millions of hryvnia. We are talking about the events of 2020-2021, when the Ministry of Defense was headed by Andrei Taran.

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