Keys seventh Phoenix Suns Dallas Mavericks playoffs NBA 2022

The moment of truth has arrived, the moment when the line that separates success from failure is as fine as it is dramatic. Phoenix Suns will have to resort to all his arsenal to impose the condition of favorite that he earned through the regular season, against some Dallas Mavericks full of potential and who have managed to balance the tie. Luka Doncic faces the most important game of his career in the league and these playoffs NBA 2022 they can live a memorable moment. Everything will be decided in 48 minutes, with the support of the Arizona public for their team and many tactical and emotional keys that are worth reviewing.

1. Hit from 3-point range by Dallas secondary

Doncic can’t win this match alone, so he needs a high shooting percentage from the 3-point range from the players who spread the floor. Bertans, Finney-Smith and Kleber must sink more than 40% of their shots if the Mavs want to have options, threatening a defense that, in that case, will have to collapse less the paint and give space to Doncic.

2. Slovenian assist ability

Whenever Luka has forced too many shots and gone for high scores, his team has had no serious chance of winning. He must share the ball a lot, look for pick-and-roll connections with Powell and double balls out.

3. Ayton’s mastery of painting

Much of the Suns’ chances of success lie in the Bahamian being able to impose his authority under the boards. The power of intimidation over the penetrations of Doncic and company, as well as the rebounds and his ability to be important in attack, will be decisive.

4. Chris Paul, the team thermometer

Great players grow in important moments and that is what is expected of a Paul who is not putting together his best series. If he again finds that perfect balance between almost no turnovers and lots of assists, his team will have a lot to gain.

5. Dinwiddie and Brunson, need to generate a lot of points

Not all offensive flow can depend on Doncic and open shots; It will be decisive that these two absolute talents can score in rinses and have good foresight when selecting their shots.

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