Ketum Parmusi Story Accompanying Farid Okbah Meets Jokowi at the Palace in 2020


Indonesian Muslim Brotherhood (Parmusi) had a chance to meet with Jokowi at the Merdeka Palace. Teacher Farid Okbah take part in the meeting.

“On June 29, 2020 when the President of the Republic of Indonesia Ir. Joko Widodo received the request for an Audience for the Parmusi Central Executive at the State Palace, I fully recommended UFO as one of the six Parmusi Central Executives received by the President. to UFO to convey important points of Parmusi’s policy nationally to the President with the dimension of Da’wah,” said Parmusi General Chair, Osama Hisham, in a statement, Wednesday (17/11/2021).

Usamah said that at that time the audience was at the Palace to convey Parmusi’s stance on the proposed revocation of the Draft Law on the Path of Pancasila Ideology (RUU HIP). He said that at that time Ustaz Farid was happy to be able to express his views directly in front of Jokowi.

“It has become a tradition for Parmusi to address all the problems of the nation and state that we must criticize and convey directly to the head of state, namely Jokowi. Then I wrote a letter, Mr. Jokowi gave an opportunity for an audience, we conveyed Parmusi’s attitude,” he said.

“If there is something, please tell the President directly. He is happy, imagine entering the Palace and convey it to the President. He also conveyed several points, which are on his Instagram. As soon as he left the President’s room he immediately made an Instagram post. He write in the waiting room, it was written at the Palace, because before this he had never met the President,” continued Osama.

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Usamah then explained the figure of Ustaz Farid in the management of Parmusi. He said, while in Parmusi, Ustaz Farid on the track.

“Since then Ustadz Farid has become more militant with Parmusi in nurturing the dais. Therefore, I am a bit surprised, very surprised because all this time our interactions in Parmusi have been thinking about how to build a Madani Village. So not ever I. Indeed, the person is enthusiastic when he lectures, talks passionately. Although we don’t all know about Ustaz Farid’s activities, I’m sure as long as we interact within the scope of his Parmusi da’wah on the track,” he explained.

Regarding Ustaz Farid’s case, Parmusi will prepare a team of lawyers for legal assistance.

“There are many legal teams that want to join, which are formed by families, we will also contribute in the form of a team of Muslim lawyers that have been formed, formed a family, yes we will personally support it, we have coordinated maybe we will send 5 of our lawyers. Later maybe will discuss what the solution is,” he said.

Meanwhile, seen on Farid Okbah’s Instagram account, he also had time to meet other figures. Some of them are former National Police Chief Tito Karnavian, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil, and DKI Governor Anies Baswedan. The most recently uploaded photo is his togetherness with Tito and RK.

Regarding Ustaz Farid’s active social media account, the police have explained that it is managed by the admin. Meanwhile, Ustaz Farid’s communication tools have been confiscated.

“The @faridokbah_official account belonging to Farid Ahmad Okbah is managed by the admin,” said the Head of Operations Assistance for Densus 88 Kombes Aswin Siregar.

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Watch the video ‘Farid Okbah-Zain An-Najah Arrested After Confessions of 28 Other Suspects’:

[Gambas:Video 20detik]


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