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Kenyan Runner Kelvin Kiptam Sets New World Record at Chicago Marathon

Abu Dhabi | Kelvin Kiptam, a native of Kenya, came first with a new world record in the World Marathon held in Chicago, USA. Kelvin Kiptam crossed the finish line in an unofficial time of two hours, 35 seconds. When the athlete crossed the finish line, no other contestants were anywhere near. If confirmed, Kelvin will beat two-time Olympic champion Eliad Kipchoge’s record in the 2022 Berlin Marathon by 34 seconds. With this, Kelvin will become the first athlete in the world to break the current marathon record of two hours and one minute.

‘The world record was not in my mind, but I knew that one day I would become a world record holder. Very happy to get the record.’ Kelvin Kiptam said.

After five kilometers (3.1 mi), Kelvin Kipt and Daniel Mateko broke away from the group of runners. The two were side by side for 30 km or 18.6 miles. Later Kiptam was rushing forward. The one in Chicago was Kiptam’s third marathon. At the London Marathon in April, Kiptam crossed the finish line in 2:01:25, the second fastest time in marathon history.

In the women’s category, Olympic track champion Sifan Hassan from the Netherlands finished first with a time of 2:13:44. Swadiq Ahmed World, a Malayalee native of Thaliparam, also participated in the Chicago World Marathon.

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