Kendall Jenner signs up for nudism this summer

27.06.2022 15:50 h.

Las kardashian sisters they are willing to give social networks where it hurts the most. They, who have great repercussions in the media and who have achieved part of their recognition because of the followers they have, they are not for certain attitudes.

Censorship does not go with them. Kylie Jenner demonstrated it a few weeks ago by joining the campaign Free the niple (releases the nipple). Kim Kardashian he did it on the red carpet a little earlier. Is now Kendall who shows herself naked, completely on her social profile.

full nude

The influencer seems to bet on him nudism when sunbathing at home. And no, he doesn’t mind being taken Photos while doing it. At least as long as she knows they’re done and has all controlled.

Kendall Jenner naked / INSTAGRAM

The image is part of a photo carousel in which he is seen doing things he likes, from riding horses, driving or eating sushi. Of course, his nude is the one that has caused the most impact.

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