Kaufland customer complains with this picture and starts a dispute: “Seems to have a method”

“There seems to be a method here, I feel like I’m being sold for stupid”: A Kaufland customer triggered a Facebook scandal with his complaint.

  • A customer from Baden-Württemberg missed the offers in a Kaufland branch.
  • The supermarket chain is contrite.
  • Others, however, express a lack of understanding of the complaint.

Laupheim – Are the offers at Kaufland too tight? Or are customers just buying too much of it? This question now raises another complaint on the Facebook page of the supermarket chain. A few days ago a customer had already documented empty offers in a Kaufland branch with photos. Now it was similar to another in Laupheim (Baden-Württemberg).

Kaufland customer: “There seems to be a method here”

“My visit to Kaufland Laupheim yesterday was a complete disappointment,” he wrote on Tuesday (February 2nd). And lists seven cases of offers that are sold out, not in stock, cannot be found or were barely available. “It happens that individual items are sold out,” he writes. But he insinuates: “There seems to be a method here, I feel that I have been widely sold for stupid”. He also posts two “evidence photos”.

Kaufland reacts understandingly to complaints

Kaufland reacts quickly and in an exemplary manner and expresses understanding for the anger. “We thank you for your experience report. We are sorry that some of the products you wanted were no longer available, ”said a social media response. In addition, Kaufland asks for further information for customer management.

But the complaint also meets with a lack of understanding from other customers. Even more: it even triggers trouble! The reaction of a Kaufland customer is still moderate: “At the moment, many are buying more immediately. I also observe that, so a lot is empty quickly. And the sellers can’t do more than concede, ”she says for indulgence.

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Kaufland: Another user mocks the customer – Zoff on Facebook

Another Facebook user, on the other hand, addresses the customer: “Oh yeah, life can be hard. Damn it, no more blueberry muffins. And now?”

He won’t let it sit on him: “But you both realize that my kind of feedback is of great value to the company in question? See also their prompt response. But likes to mock me, it is and remains Facebook after all, I can just bear that. ”He is annoyed about a bug in the Kaufland online contact form, which he tried to use first.

The other user joins in again: “I work in the supermarket and I know how things are. How and what is passed on at all. But look forward to the answer. You’ll see what changes. Especially in the current situation. ”And then it gets even more absurd. Another Kaufland customer writes with rolling eyes: “Well, I only read Mimimi here, Mimimi there!” An unusual phrase to drum for more understanding. Another Kaufland photo also sparked outrage. On the other hand, the saying of a Kaufland cashier who kept a customer busy for a long time causes enthusiasm. (lin)

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