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Katie Markham to Lead Adele Songbook Performance in Riga on March 29

On March 29, “Someone Like You” groups and singers will perform on the “ATTA center” stage by Katie Markham musical show “The Adele Songbook”, portal balticevents.info informs.

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Katie has been singing since she was a child and in 2013 she was approached to enter ‘The X Factor’ and made it to the last 7 finalists, narrowly missing out on the judges’ houses stage.

In 2015, Katie was approached by the producers of the BBC’s ‘Adele Live’ to appear on the show as part of an Adele tribute film. Adele chose all the tributes herself and loved Katy’s audition video.


When Adele chose Katy to appear on the BBC’s Adele Special presented by Graham Norton, she never dreamed that she would be singing live with her idol on stage in London and launching one of the most successful touring shows of the year.

“It’s a privilege to perform Adele songs every week, especially brand new stuff. It’s hard to imagine a more personal album – rebuilding yourself from scratch after a painful breakup and trying to find love again – it’s so open and honest,” Katie said.

And so the show “Someone Like You” was born. Katie is absolutely thrilled to be leading a national theater production, now in its sixth phenomenal year; a show that gives her the chance to portray Adele exactly as she’s always dreamed of.

In Riga, the “Someone Like You” collective will perform together with Katie as part of the European concert tour. Tickets are available at all “Bilešu Serviss” ticket offices.

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