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Katharina Fox Wins Bundesliga Final in Bad Dürrheim as Soloist

In purple for the solo victory at the final in Bad Dürrheim

By Felix Mattis
Katharina Fox wins the Bundesliga final in Bad Dürrheim as a soloist. | Photo: Association of German Cyclists

Sep 25, 2023 | (rsn) – Katharina Fox (Maxx-Solar – Rose) is the overall winner of the Cycling Bundesliga for the second time after 2022. The 27-year-old secured the title on Sunday in the final run of the Riderman in Bad Dürrheim, which she befittingly won as a soloist in the purple jersey of the overall leader. The special thing about it: The day before, Fox had driven the European Championship road race in the Drenthe region of the Netherlands, worked a lot for Liane Lippert there and finally reached the finish on the VAM mountain in 63rd place.

Fox’s teammate, the 2021 Bundesliga overall winner Helena Bieber, came second in Bad Dürrheim. Third place went to the Swiss Nicole Suter (individual starter). In the overall standings, Fox’s victory brought her to 1,297 points, 152 points ahead of her teammate Olivia Schoppe, who won the junior ranking. Lydia Ventker (1,086), another driver from Maxx-Solar – Rose, came third.

After the races on Friday and Saturday in Bad Dürrheim, Fox’s lead in the overall standings had shrunk to 40 points. On Friday, Bieber won ahead of Merle Brunnée (Wheel Divas) and Ventker in Bad Dürrheim; on Saturday, Ventker prevailed ahead of individual starter Marla Sigmund and Schoppe as well as Bieber.

“I was only 40 points ahead,” said Fox, according to a press release from the Association of German Cyclists. “That’s why the team really wanted me to come.” So Fox sat down together with Maxx Solar sports director Christian Müller, who was at the European Championships Drenthe was there as a supervisor, got into the car on Saturday after the road race and drove south – it’s more than 750 kilometers from the VAM mountain in Drenthe to Bad Dürrheim in the Black Forest. Fox didn’t get there until around 2:30 a.m. at night.

Schoppe wins the junior championship, Littbarski-Gray the junior BL

“My legs hurt a lot from the long car ride. But in the end it was really fun again,” said Fox after the race on Sunday, which she won with a 25-kilometer solo.

While Fox was honored as the overall women’s winner, the junior ranking for women under 23 went to Schoppe, who came second overall, and the team ranking went to Maxx-Solar – Rose with 331 points, 69 points ahead of Team Stuttgart.

Junior Bundesliga winner was Seána Littbarski-Gray (BL-Stevens junior team Thuringia) ahead of Laura Kastenhuber (Mangertseder Bayern) and Pia Grünewald (Mangertseder Bayern) and Hannah Kunz (Wipotec RLP juniors), who were missing from the final weekend in Bad Dürrheim due to their European Championship appearances. . Before they left for the European Championships, Grünewald was third overall and Kunz was fourth overall in the women’s Bundesliga, leading the junior rankings ahead of track ace Littbarski-Gray.

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