Kate and William, at Buckingham Palace already look like king and queen

On social media there are those who already call them “the king” and “his queen”, and in fact to see them, William of England e Kate Middleton, while at Buckingham Palace they receive the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his wife Olena, it is the first impression they give, after all “they received them in the name of His Majesty”, they said from the palace.

Elizabeth II, in fact, after the summer holidays in Balmoral she returned to Windsor with her husband Filippo due to the Covid-19 emergency. But he can sleep peacefully; in London, Kate and William were perfectly at ease in the drawing room of the throne room, where the meeting was held, the first hearing at the Palace after a six-month blackout, in which the members of the royal family worked, but online, and by reducing external contacts to the bare minimum.

It is not the first time that William, second in line to the throne, and his wife have welcomed a foreign head of state to the United Kingdom, but on this occasion, complicit in the circumstances, they were more center stage than usual. . And in the future they will be more and more. A couple by now well-established, in public as in private, apparently perfect, seem destined to take up the baton of Elizabeth, even if the royal watchers exclude a hierarchical leap, Charles will be king after his mother. Their secret, a happy marriage aside, is that they have been able to team up without ever getting in the way.

«Theirs is a modern marriage because it is the fruit of love, yet it is at the same time old style, because Kate appears primarily as a support figure for her husband», He explained to People Sarah Gristwood, author of Elizabeth: The Queen and the Crown. This role is fundamental for the future of the monarchy: «Kate shines with her own light, but she knows her place in the royal family. He never tries to outshine William», Underlined the royal biographer Penny Junior:« I think Kate looks a bit like the prince Filippo, who has always supported the queen Elizabeth II“. Kate, however, managed to emerge and establish herself as a woman within the family, carving out precious spaces for herself, from charitable initiatives of closeness to women, to those for children.

More prudent than her sister-in-law Meghan, indeed, in her decidedly immobile comparison, Middleton accepted her role without rebellion, sacrificing a lot, certainly, but also in view of a more than fruitful harvest, which after nine years of marriage already shows the fruits that will come. No rush for waity Katie, as the tabloids called her when William could not decide to ask her as a wife: the former commoner has achieved his goals and conquered everyone. The throne, for both, does not seem so far away.


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