Katarzyna Cichopek complains about the inconvenience on the set of “Questions for breakfast”

Breakfast program from the end of May Polish Television it is broadcast from an outdoor studio. Until the end of the holidays “A question for breakfast“is to” transfer “viewers to sunny Greece, and the decor and arrangement refer to Mediterranean themes. In recent days, the weather in Poland could also be associated with the midday heat, which only subsided on the first weekend of July. Katarzyna Cichopek, who hosted “Question for breakfast” this Saturday, unfortunately did not check the forecast accurately. When she complained to the fans, she dressed too thin, which made her freezing on the breakfast set.

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Katarzyna Cichopek complains about the conditions on the set of “Questions for Breakfast”

Conducting a live program of several hours, in appendix from an outdoor studio can be quite a challenge. Especially when how Cichopek, the outfit will not be fully matched to the weather conditions. Although the breakfast room operator looked very nice in a short blue and white one dress, it could undoubtedly be cold when the temperature was only a dozen or so degrees. Fortunately, Katarzyna Cichopek had something to do with it.

The heat eased slightly. But fortunately, we have a blanket that we can use, because I’m not hiding – I’m a bit cold. I’m cold, she complained to InstaStories.

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In the open-air studio “Questions for breakfast”, not only the weather changed, but also the host of the program, who was partnering Cichopek. The actress exceptionally ran a breakfast in the company of Robert El Genda – Maciej Kurzajewski went on vacation. The journalist on Saturday threw InstaStories from the airport, informing that he was going on vacation with his son, and the next day he shared photos from Greece with the fans.

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