Kasparov: The war will end in the spring and Russia will lose

Kasparov is known for his long-term criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin and leads the opposition platform United Civic Front against him from abroad.

“I have fought against Putin for twenty years and have always said that his regime will necessarily become a fascist threat, not only for Russia or its neighbors, but for the whole world,” Kasparov said in an interview with Spiegel.

Who is Garry Kasparov?

Garry Kasparov became famous as a great chess master – from 1985 to 2000 he continuously held the title of world chess champion. He was the highest scoring chess player in the world for 255 consecutive weeks, creating a record that has not yet been broken. Although he was a member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union until the 1990s, after Putin came to power he began to oppose the Russian government. After the end of his chess career in 2005, he founded the United Citizen Front, an opposition platform against Putin. After one of the demonstrations, he spent five days in custody. He left Russia in 2013, saying he would never return to the country. He lived in New York and Split, he also applied for Croatian citizenship and still lives alternately in the United States and Croatia. After criticizing the war in Ukraine, Kasparov is listed as a foreign agent in Russia.

The great chess master demands that those who want to be on the right side of history pack up and leave Russia immediately.

Ukraine has officially banned itself from dealing with Putin

War in Ukraine

“It’s a war, or you’re on either side of the front. Every Russian citizen, myself included, bears collective, if not personal, responsibility for this war. Russia today is a fascist dictatorship, committing crimes against humanity. And everyone living in Russia is now part of this war machine, whether they like it or not, “Kasparov said.

The chess player has been living alternately with his family for some time in New York and Split, for which even some Russians criticize him. According to them, it is easy to criticize the regime from abroad and put collective blame on others when some countries close to Russia prohibit issuing visas to Russians. According to Kasparov, this too has a solution.

The great chess master Garry Kasparov outlined the conditions for Putin’s overthrow

War in Ukraine

“That is why I proposed to accept (in Russia’s neighboring countries) only those Russians who sign a declaration with three principles: war is criminal, Putin’s regime is illegitimate and Ukraine must not be divided,” Kasparov listed.

In the spring, Russia will be exhausted and will lose

The multiple world chess champion also predicted in the interview that the war in Ukraine will end next spring. “Putin’s military and economic capabilities will be exhausted in the spring. At the latest by April, the ammunition will run out and the economy will no longer be able to cover even the basic needs of the Russians,” Kasparov predicted, adding that Putin is already looking for a good starting position for negotiations with the Ukrainians.

We have always treated the Ukrainian people with great respect, Putin assured the teacher


According to him, the defeat for Russia may be similar to the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II in 1945. Especially since it will be more visible. In Russia, according to him, there will be a large-scale collapse after the end of the war, after which the country will try to start over: to establish cooperation with the rest of Europe and shake off sanctions.

“The dictator Putin never played chess, but poker, and he was good at geopolitical poker. He often won even with bad cards because his opponents succumbed to his bluff. He now instinctively knows that defeat in this war can cost him his political and physical survival “, described the ruling Russian president for over two decades.

“Fast and strong.” Ukrainians gained 1,000 square kilometers in the south of the country in five days


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