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The Turkish president with veiled threats during the Prague forum

The atmosphere at the Prague meeting is anything but friendly. Turkey and Greece once again reminded everyone of their bad relations. President Recep Erdogan has even launched a veiled threat to Greece. This is another exchange of threats and attacks from the past few months.

Turkey and Greece mainly discuss the rights to extract fuels in the Mediterranean Sea. An agreement that Ankara recently signed with one of Libya’s two warring governments provoked the Greeks. According to them, this agreement concerns waters that they consider their own.

Egypt and Cyprus also contest rights in the region. Turkey, on the other hand, is unhappy that the Greeks have deployed American troops on Lesbos and Samos, two of the islands closest to Turkish territory.

“It applies not only to Greece, but to any country that annoys or attacks us. I tell them we might surprise you one night. Keep that in mind and understand it. Just as you understand what I’m talking about, they know very well,” he said. Recep Erdogan.

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