‘Kamal sir was brought back to the same floor where the first shot was taken 36 years ago’; Lokesh Kanagaraj

Director Lokesh Kanakaraj shared an unforgettable memory with Kamal Haasan during the shooting of Vikram movie. Lokesh said that the first day’s shoot took place at AVM Studio by accident and when Kamal Haasan said that he realized that the first shot of the film Vikram was taken from the same place 32 years ago. Lokesh responded to Behind the Woods.

On the first day of Vikram’s shooting, Kamal sir, who had to arrive at nine o’clock before the first shot, reached the set at 8:45. He called me and asked, ‘Did you choose this floor yourself or was it taken from the production out of some sentimentality?’ He said, ‘Not for production sir, but for my convenience I thought I would shoot in AVM’. Then he said that the first shot of the same Vikram was taken from here 36 years ago. It was a great surprise to me. I didn’t even think of that.

Lokesh’s response to Kamal Haasan’s compliment was, ‘He needed make-up. When I asked him to show me how to do it, he tied his hands and told me to sit there and do it. After looking in the mirror he asked if I would do it every day. I did his makeup for the next 32 days. I consider it the best compliment I can get from him. The benefit from that is that now I am doing makeup for all the characters in the film I am doing.’

Story Highlights: Director Lokesh Kanakaraj shares memories with kamal haasan in Vikram movie set

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