Younes and Eline from ‘House Made’ can buy a house thanks to crowdfunding: “Who is doing this for Moroccans and Chinese?”


Younes (28) and Eline (25) can thanks to the crowdfunding set up for them after the lost Home Made-finally buy a house. They let you know in a video on the Instagram page of VTM. They don’t know yet whether that will be the house in Beringen. “If it’s not there, it’s another house with orange walls and Chinese cloths.”

It was a tough week, Eline and Younes admit in the video. “As if someone had died,” it sounds. But the happy couple can laugh again. This is primarily due to the crowdfunding that was set up for them. That currently stands at 30,640 euros, but money is still deposited every day by sympathizers of the popular duo.

“Who grants a crowdfunding to a Moroccan and a Chinese?”, Younes – the man of the quotes in this season – wonders aloud. “Almost all of Flanders, apparently.” With the money from the crowdfunding, the couple will be able to buy a house. That was not possible for them before. They therefore want to thank everyone who gave them a penny. “We never expected this.”

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Presenter Dina Tersago still sympathizes with the couple. “So happy for you!” she responds below the video, with heart emojis to match. Tersago also shed a tear after the denouement in the final when she saw the grief of Eline and Younes.

It remains to be seen whether the house in Beringen that Eline and Younes renovated will fall within their budget. Amaury Verelst of A. Verelst Development, the project developer who bought and will sell the three properties for the program, indicated at the beginning of June that it would take four weeks before the house would come on the market. He estimated the house in Beringen at around 360,000 to 380,000 euros. Verelst estimated the house in Antwerp that Cedric and Anaïs won at around 400,000 euros.

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