Kalakaran’s Revenge and Guru Dutt’s Kagas Ke Phool

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Kalakaran’s Revenge and Guru Dutt’s Kagas Ke Phool

Chup – The artist’s revenge. The artist’s revenge. An artist who becomes a psychopath was a novelty in a psychopathic thriller film. Doctor Psycho has mainly been seen in the psychotic thriller series in recent days. The film was prepared as a tribute to the late director Gurudam.

Both Guru Dutt and Kagas Ke Phool were featured in the trailer and songs released as Chupin. You must have wondered how a psycho-thriller film, Kagas Ke Phool and Guru Dutt come together.

Chup’s first teaser was released on July 9, Guru Dutt’s birthday. In the teaser, Dulquer is seen creating bokeh with paper flowers. Paper flowers means paper flowers. Kagas Ke Phool was the last film directed by Guru Dutt. There is a great bond between Chupin and Kagus Ke Phool.

Vasanth Kumar Sivashankar Padukone is a famous director by the name of Guru Dutt. He has demonstrated his talent in the field of cinema as a director, producer, actor, choreographer and writer.

In 2012 he was selected by CNN as one of the best actors in Asia. Kagas Ke Phool is considered to be one of Guru Dutt’s best films. The film was released in 1959. Guru Dutt himself produced the film and played the lead role in it.

Kagas Ke Phool was closely related to the life of Guru Dutt. A reference to real life creeps into the film. A director with marital discord finds a novice actress and makes her a big star in her film. In Kagus Ke Fool, it is said that there will be a romantic relationship between them and that it will destroy the personal life and career of the director.

Kaag’s Ke Fool was a big box office flop when it came out. In addition to this, the critics also criticized the film with harsh language. The film’s failure hit Guru Dutt and brought his film studio to the brink of collapse. Although he later continued his acting career, Guru Dutt did not direct another film after Kagas Ke Phool.

But Kagu’s Kay was later hailed as a world-wide film and a cult film. Ke Fool by Kaag is a film that ushered in a technical revolution in Indian cinema. The film is now part of the program of many film schools. Kagus Ke Fool was hailed as the best self-reflective film ever made in India.

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