A story inspired by the World Cup .. When Italy wore black by order of Mussolini

Keep the date of the finals world Cup In France 1938, many stories and strange details, the most important of which is the Italian national team wearing the black jersey in that version of the world Cup.

According to the Spanish “AS” report, the fascist Benito Andrea Mussolini, who ruled Italy between 1922 and 1943, managed to slander the ball in the most destructive way ever in that period.

The World Cup took place in 1938 in a dark phase that covered the European scene, and the place of residence (France) was chosen by the European authorities, then Argentina (at the time the most prominent candidate to organize the event) and Uruguay decided not to participate, while only 3 teams from outside the old continent (Brazil, Cuba and Indonesia) with a trip to France to participate in the tournament.

However, the world has been affected by the German occupation of Austria, the Japanese invasion of northern China, the Spanish civil war at its peak, the surrender of Ethiopia to Italian control, and the second world war, the bloodiest war that the planet he had ever seen, was about to begin.

The World Cup began on 4 June with a match between Switzerland and Germany, and the match that was held at the “Parc des Princes” ended with Switzerland’s victory over the then little-loved Germans.

decision on the black shirt

France easily won their first match against Belgium, to set a date in the quarter-finals against Italy. On that occasion, on 12 June 1938, the hosts welcomed the Italian national team to the “Columbus” stadium, in light of the political crisis between the two countries.

Italy, which for more than a decade had relied on blue, took to the field with a black T-shirt and trousers ordered by Mussolini, a color already used also at the 1936 Olympics, in homage to “Kamisi”. Neri “, the military power that was present in the service of the fascist regime.

Additionally, the Italians sang their national anthem as they performed the Roman salute established by Mussolini’s regime, causing local audiences to reject the show, with mockery.

But the Azzurri, at the time in black, almost completely dominated the game, and ended with a 3-1 in his favor, which led him to the semifinals, then Italy qualified for the final, raising the Jules Rimet Cup after the victory over Hungary, but not before having received the national team. A telegram from Mussolini, with the words: “Win or die”.

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