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Kaesang Pangarep Becomes Cadre of Indonesian Solidarity Party – Cak Imin Comments on Decision


The youngest son of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) Kaesang Parangep officially became a cadre of the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI). PKB General Chair Muhaimin Iskandar (Cak Imin) also commented on this matter.

“Yes, congratulations to Kaesang for entering the new world of politics, welcome to the jungle,” said Cak Imin at the Unpam campus, South Tangerang, Saturday (23/9/2023).

Cak Imin saw the decision Kaesang joining PSI reflects courage. Everyone, he continued, must respect his decision.

“That’s a personal choice, yes, taste. I think everyone must respect and respect that choice which of course we see as courage,” he said.

Cak Imin then warned Kaesang, who had just joined the world of politics, to always be careful. Cak Imin said that in the world of politics there are many things that can endanger the struggle.

“Congratulations on facing political challenges which are not easy. In politics there are many opportunities to do good, but there are many pitfalls that can endanger our struggle,” he added.

Kaesang’s reasons for joining PSI

Previously Kaesang Parangep revealed his reasons for joining as a cadre of the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI). Kaesang said he had desires and similarities with PSI.

“We happen to have similarities and desires, we want young people to be more involved in the public sector,” said Kaesang as reported by detikJateng, Saturday (23/9).

Kaesang admitted that he wanted young people to be active objects, especially in elections. He said that Indonesia’s future is for young Indonesians.

“Especially in the elections, young people are used as passive objects, we want them to become active objects. Whatever the future of Indonesia is for young Indonesians,” said Kaesang.

“I see PSI as a good party, filled with young people with integrity and competence too. The most important thing is that they have the enthusiasm to make Indonesia much better. It’s just a shame they didn’t enter Senayan,” he said.

Kaesang himself registered with PSI about a week ago. However, the KTA handover was only carried out today, after PSI uploaded a video of a man called rose. The PSI DPP symbolically handed over the PSI Friendship Card or Membership Card (KTA) at Kaesang’s residence in Sumber Village, Banjarsari District, Solo City.


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