Juve, the numbers for now do not nail Andrea Pirlo

Seven games are certainly not enough to judge a coach, even more so if he is in his first experience, but even more so if he starts his work by sitting on the bench of a team back seven consecutive league titles.

However, we wanted to compare the debut of Andrea Pirlo at the helm of Juventus with that of his predecessors.

Antonio Conte, in the first seven games at the helm of the Juventus, he won three times, drew four and did not lose. It must be said that these were Serie A matches of the 2011-12 championship: seventh the previous year the Old Lady had remained out of the European cups. 11 goals scored (including 4 against Parma, the first one), 5 conceded. He finished with three league titles.

Massimiliano Allegri, recruited in a hurry after the divorce from Lecce, he left strong. Six wins, including the Champions League home win against Malmoe, without conceding a goal. In the seventh match, still in the Champions League, he lost a narrow margin to Madrid with Atletico. A Spanish like the Barcelona. He left after putting five league titles on the board.

The one of Maurizio Sarri it is recent history. For the former Chelsea five wins (including the daring 4-3 against Napoli) and two draws, in Florence (0-0) and Madrid, 2-2 with Atletico. 13 goals scored and one, on average, immediately per game: 7 in total. The farewell after only one championship.

Finally, Pirlo and it is very recent history. Three wins, three draws and Tuesday’s defeat at home with Barcelona, ​​in the second of the Champions League after Kiev’s bang against Dinamo. 12 goals scored (three of which at the table), 6 conceded, in fact in 6 matches, in light of the lack of challenge with the Naples, approved with a score of 3-0.

OMNISPORT | 30-10-2020 10:59


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