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Recognize the Difference of Vaccines, Vaccinations and Immunizations, Don’t Get Mentioned Wrong

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TRIBUNSOLO.COM – Since the pandemic Covid-19 whacking Indonesia, the community has become familiar with the terms vaccines, vaccinations and immunizations.

So far, many people mistakenly think vaccination and immunization are the same thing.

The following is the explanation of the Professor of the Faculty of Medicine, Padjadjaran University, Prof. Dr. dr. Cissy Rachiana Sudjana, related to the three.

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The vaccine was invented by Edward Jenner for the first time in 1796 to treat smallpox (smallpox). Since then, vaccines have been developed because they are recognized and proven to prevent diseases caused by certain viruses or bacteria.

Vaccines are antigens or active substances on viruses and bacteria which, when injected, cause an immune system reaction to fight the virus or disease.

“So if the vaccine is the substance. The process of inserting it into the body is called vaccination, “he said in a statement received on Thursday (29/10/2020).

Meanwhile, immunization is the reaction of the body after getting the vaccine. The body will be stimulated to form anti-bodies in the immune system.

“In addition to antibodies, the body will produce memory cells, so our immune system can produce antibodies for all kinds of bad diseases,” he explained.

He said that the impact of immunization on reducing disease transmission was recorded as large. Such as haemophilus, influenza, pneumonia, mumps, rubella, and typhus, which can be suppressed by vaccines.

“All of these diseases have decreased the number of infections, along with immunization,” he said.

Dr. Cissy hopes that the public does not need to doubt the safety of vaccines, because there is a guarantee of vaccine safety that is continuously carried out at each phase of clinical trials, so that the final product is guaranteed to be safe, effective, and efficacious.

“I hope that all people, especially the media, can provide education, to educate our people that vaccines are the most effective way to reduce morbidity, mortality and disability. The cost is also the most cost effective. We do it for Indonesia, hopefully our children can be healthy by immunization in accordance with the provisions. ” hope dr. Cissy Rachiana. (Rina Ayu)

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