Justice. Pervert photographer and crook: a firm sentence that can be converted

“I behaved inappropriately. At that time, I was alone, lost. Three years later, I don’t recognize myself. It was not me. “Yet it is he who contacted, in 2014 and 2017, in Longwy and Metz, female models in search of artistic nude session, against hard money. It was he, the quadra, who insisted that the transparent babydoll fall, and that more sexual poses be highlighted through his lens, in exchange for a financial bonus. And it is he too who passed himself off as a potential girlfriend in the eyes of his then-14-year-old stepson, whom he asked to film himself masturbating and doing things. with his anus, in Terville.

For the public prosecutor, there is no doubt: this file highlights “the pure and simple perversity” of an individual who pushes the vice to the point of recovering the check for the benefit in the victims’ cases, or even to pay them with a blank check A medical examination will confirm this.

“A delirium, a role play”

This week, he faced the Thionville Criminal Court, sobbing and acknowledging that he was at the material time in “the transgression”, and that he has since been followed by a psychologist. In the courtroom, his ex -concubine learns that with his son, the defendant had started “from a delirium”, which turned, according to his words, “into a role play”. This “huge drift”, described by his lawyer, is punished by 18 months in prison, including 12 months with the probationary suspension for three years. The court estimated that the 6 months firm could be adjusted by means of electronic surveillance. To this penalty are added obligations to exercise a professional activity, care, a ban to come into contact with the victims and to compensate them. His name will appear in the File of perpetrators of sexual offenses (Fijais).

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