DKI-Kaltim Highest, New Cases 4,105


The government reported 4,105 new cases COVID-19 which was confirmed on Sunday (18/10/2020). The total number of confirmed cases has now reached 361,867 cases since the Corona virus broke out in Indonesia.

DKI Jakarta has again become the province with the highest number of cases added with 971 cases, followed by East Kalimantan with 382 new cases as of October 18.

Quoted from the page, today there are 3,732 cases recovered, while the Corona death cases are 80 people.

The following are details of the distribution of 4,105 new cases Corona in Indonesia on Sunday (18/10/2020):

Special Territory of Jakarta: 971

East Kalimantan: 382

Central Java: 356

Riau: 284

West Sumatra: 263

East Java: 242

Southeast Sulawesi: 226

West Java: 211

West Papua: 161

South Sulawesi: 131

Banten: 130

Aceh: 115

North Sumatra: 83

Bali: 74

Papua: 71

Riau Islands: 68

DI Yogyakarta: 40

Maluku: 40

South Kalimantan: 39

South Sumatra: 39

West Nusa Tenggara: 31

North Sulawesi: 26

North Kalimantan: 23

Central Sulawesi: 17

Bangka Belitung: 16

Bengkulu: 15

West Kalimantan: 15

Jambi: 14

Lampung: 13

West Sulawesi: 3

East Nusa Tenggara: 3

Gorontalo: 3

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