Justice confirmed, Russians welcomed Wales’ victory. And they add another protest against Ukraine

“The success of Wales means the triumph of the sporting principle and the affirmation of justice in sport,” foreign media quoted Russian Honorary Koloskov as honorary president of the Russian Football Association (RFU).

The failure of Ukraine was decided by a 0: 1 defeat after Andrei Jarmolenko’s own goal. In addition to the “ownership”, the Ukrainian jersey also caused a stir. The Russians are protesting against its use. “It is necessary,” Koloskov continues.

What is the cause of the debate? The jersey is a silhouette of Ukraine, including the Crimean peninsula. This territory annexed Russia in 2014 and the accession was confirmed by a referendum, which the world does not recognize.

“RFU sent a protest to FIFA because the Ukrainian association portrayed Crimea on its jerseys as part of Ukraine, thus violating the organization’s rules,” the foreign media reports from the Russian news agency TASS.

“The protest is necessary because after the referendum, Crimea and Sevastopol belong to Russian territory. And if Russia’s territory is depicted on the equipment of other nations, we must send a protest, “Koloskov stands by.

Last year, the Russian football authority protested against the Ukrainians’ jerseys at the European Championships, because the peninsula was already part of the country’s equipment at the time. The design was allowed to remain in the end, only the inscription “Honor to the Heroes” had to be removed.

The reaction of the governing body of world football to the new protest is unknown. Ukraine is playing the League of Nations match in Ireland on Wednesday evening.

Russia is eliminated from all competitions after the invasion of Ukraine.

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