Junior tournament: Neubrandenburg football kids at FC Barcelona – a hit!

“They don’t stop talking about it,” grins Danilo Plate. “It’s been like this for days and weeks, and I think even if they retire in half a century, it will still be a nice memory for them.” Neubrandenburg, is happy about the successful coup: together with other organizers, he arranged for the junior team to take part in a major tournament with starters from all over Europe in the Spanish metropolis of Barcelona. After returning from Catalonia, the opinion of the Lütten was unanimous: “Barca – a cracker!” Including the fun days after the kicks.

Barca adventure brings new momentum to Hanse squad

The Hanse people said that after two years of compulsory masks and tests, travel restrictions and a lot of Corona sports bans, the football kids deserved such an adventure. The plan apparently worked. Danilo Plate: “We have seen happy and content children.” In the national league games at home he has since felt “a new impetus” in his squad.

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A total of 125 teams were on the ball in the big tournament, organized by the company Euro-Sportring. The 15 Neubrandenburg D-Juniors cavorted with another 18 teams from all over Europe in a relay. “The opening ceremony was spectacular. Flag parade, fireworks, music, dance show. And then to be able to play in the huge football park, which has more than a dozen grass pitches, that was overwhelming,” said the Hanseatic man. “After the initial excitement subsided, things went well for us in terms of sport. After all, we were dealing with opponents from academies who are also physically better.”

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Earned invitations to other international tournaments

In the end, the boys from Tollensesee took tenth place, which their coach thinks is “quite impressive”. “We are more than proud of each individual and seem to have made a good impression on our competitors. We were certified that we maintain a technically clean football. There have been invitations to other international tournaments. And one or two scouts got in touch.” Nice experiences. Such a photo appointment with (federal) compatriots. U17 teams from Greifswalder FC and TSG Neustrelitz were also at Barcelona. They had their picture taken together – of course with the MV flag.

Also unforgettable how Hanse-Junior Linus suddenly became a star on the Ramblas, the world-famous promenade in the center of Barcelona. In the run-up to Bundesliga side SG Eintracht Frankfurt’s grandiose Europa League game at cult club FC Barcelona (3-2), the four-goal city boy made himself the “SGE” lead singer for several hundred Frankfurt fans. In the end everyone was hoarse.

Open mouths in the 100,000 spectator stadium

Parents and caregivers who traveled with us helped as organizers to ensure that the football-free days were also remembered. The visit to the famous Camp Nou stadium of FC Barcelona, ​​where brilliant kickers like Johan Cruyff, Diego Maradona, Bernd Schuster and until recently Lionel Messi made fan hearts beat faster, was fun for the young Hanseatic League. The huge “bowl”, which can accommodate almost 100,000 spectators, caused open mouths. All the trophies of the five-time Champions League winner and 26-time Spanish champion are on display in the Barca Museum. “It took an hour just to look at the most important trophies,” Danilo Plate Dimensionen makes clear.

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Beach soccer on the Costa Brava, shopping tours, e-scooters, all at a pleasant 23 degrees – the entertainment program left nothing to be desired. “It was international in our hotel, there were a few other teams that had taken part in the tournament staying there,” says Plate. “Our boys had a really good time, especially around and in the pool.”

The travel expenses were covered with mixed financing. The SV Hanse and the families of the players had shares in it, and sponsorship money was also raised. A crowdfunding campaign by the Neubrandenburger Stadtwerke was also helpful.

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