jump on the coin, raise wages. Employees can no longer stand the situation

Romanian employees need more consistent incomes to face the cost of living crisis. It’s not a fad, and it’s not even related to the productivity or competitiveness of the business environment, but to a harsh economic reality: life is more and more expensive, money has no value anymore.

Recently conducted studies on the labor market reveal the dissatisfaction of Romanian employees regarding the salary level.

They want to make their voices heard and raise an alarm in the eyes of the Romanian managers, who are firmly asking them to offer them higher salaries, not because they dreamed of it, but because they actually can’t live on the money anymore which they are currently receiving.

Since the daily basket has a much steeper cost, the bills are also hard to bear, we have price increases in line for every basic good and service, it is natural to have a correlation in the income area.

People are even willing to resign and look for better paying companies, which would mean much bigger problems for employers than if they raised premiums, because in the current labor crisis they are likely to wait a long time and good new candidates for the remaining vacancies.

According to a survey conducted by Undelucram.ro, approximately 53% of employees expect their salaries to increase this year. Otherwise, the study shows, 40% plan to look for another job.

It is no longer possible to live decently with the current salaries. “Can anyone hear us?”

HR specialists agree with people demanding higher salaries, admitting that they are under a lot of pressure due to the cost of living crisis. This inflation, from which we seem to no longer escape, has turned into a veritable black hole for our budgets and pockets, and the need for more substantial incomes is undeniable.

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“We observe from this survey a pertinent expectation of employees to have higher salaries this year considering the economic context and at the same time a commensurate intention of the companies. We also observe the attention with which the human resources specialists follow the salary increase so that it is proportional to the macroeconomic situation, but also to the results of the employees.

It is worth noting that employers think of different methods to motivate their employees even if they cannot afford a salary increase”, says Costin Tudor, founder and CEO of Undelucram.ro.

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