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Now Jill Johnson talks about the sad event.

Jill Johnson, 49, knows how to handle a singing voice and set the tone. With songs like “Crazy in love”, “Open your heart” and “Kärleken är” she has become one of Sweden’s most popular artists.

Jill Johnson reveals – that’s how she met love Mattias

After the commercial: Jill Johnson reveals – that’s how she met love Mattias


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The musical successes have succeeded each other. Privately, too, things have been going smoothly lately and together with her fiance Mattias Elg, she has recently built a luxurious mountain residence in Jämtland.

“We have lived and live in several places, with children in the north and south, but soon we will land in the best of both worlds. Not only in Scania, but also in beautiful Jämtland. Looking at the new construction of the mountain accommodation!”, Jill Johnson signed Instagram.

Jill Johnson on the divorce

Yes, today Jill Johnson is in a good place in life. But when she appeared in So Much Better in 2016, it was the exact opposite and the country artist was newly separated.

When TV4 now broadcasts the anniversary season of So much better in 2019, in which Jill Johnson appeared for the second time, the incident comes up again. In the program the artist says:

– Then nobody knew anything, so I was so afraid that it would be noticed and seen, because I wanted to have my time with that decision and that sadness and know that it was really the way I wanted it. It was a divorce and it was my very first grief, which I experienced as very bottomless.

Jill Johnson was furious after the discovery: “Should be punishable”

“So very heavy”

Jill Johnson and Håkan Werner went their separate ways in 2017, after 17 years of marriage. For the artist, it was a very difficult time, although today she appreciates what she went through.

– It was so very heavy, but that you still had to bring it on stage and be so very vulnerable.

– But I’m happy for that sadness.

Photo: TT

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