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Julia was attacked by a dog: ‘Soon a scar of 20 centimeters in her face’

Julia’s family was with her for hours after the operation. That changed when she got a cramp in her face. “Then we had to leave quickly,” says her brother. ‘For the time being it is going well, but it can turn 180 degrees. For example, if she gets trauma. ‘

It is therefore terrible what happened to The Hague. “She went out to the convenience store or snack bar for a snack around 11:30 pm,” says Dawid. On the way back she met a large dog on Nunspeetlaan, a pit bull-like one who attacked a small puppy belonging to an elderly lady. That big dog was very aggressive. ‘

Pitbull-like dog

Julia got in between the two dogs, seeing the little dog lose out. ‘She has the dogs can take it apart‘her brother knows. “She thinks that puppy didn’t make it.”

The two owners of the pit bull-like dog had another aggressive dog, which also looked like a pit bull, with them. That dog attacked Julia who had just done her good deed. She was bitten by the second dog. Julia was seriously injured on the street. “The two people just fled with those dogs,” says her brother. “She was trying to do something good and was left with a big scar.”

Plastic surgeon

Bystanders then took Julia to hospital. Despite her injuries, she still sent a photo of her battered face. “This is what you look like when you get attacked by a pit bull,” was her caption.

When she arrived at HMC Westeinde, she was operated on by a plastic surgeon. ‘That was certainly not the last time, it was already said,’ says Dawid. ‘But it will be fine. It must work out. ‘

‘Mother got off her tights’

Her family was naturally shocked when they heard the news. “I’m still reasonable,” says Dawid. ‘But my mom has gone all out of her tights. It is difficult to describe what we feel. You can’t blame anyone, you don’t know who is responsible. ‘

That is why the family, like the police, is looking for the perpetrators. It concerns a man and a woman who walked the two dogs. The man was tinted and wearing a brown jacket, gray vest and blue jeans. The woman was white, slender build with red hair. She was wearing black clothes.

‘It’s absurd’

Someone has already contacted them and says they know everything about the perpetrators. However, he first wants to see money before disclosing that information. The family did not respond.

They do want to know where they stand. “We have filed a report, but what is the next step,” Dawid wonders aloud. ‘Should we get a lawyer first? What care should Julia receive? What is the specialist’s rating? Should she go to a private clinic? I have no words for it. It’s absurd. ‘

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