JUDICIAL – Dominican authorities present charges against those accused of shooting David Ortiz

After long months of research, the Santo Domingo Provincial Prosecutor’s Office proceeded to present its formal charge against thirteen people involved in the attack on the former star player of Red Sox de Boston, David ortiz, in June 2019.

On the night of June 9, 2019, David ortiz was with a person from the bar called Dial, in Santo Domingo East, when a person approached the sidewalk who shot him from behind and immediately fled. In addition to seriously injuring Ortiz, the companion who was at the table also suffered a leg injury.

With the official presentation of the charge, the Second investigating court of Santo Domingo to learn more about the process that will be followed by all those accused in planning and carrying out the attack that was about to end the life of Ortiz. It is recalled that due to the internal damage caused by the shooting, the Dominican star had to undergo three surgeries, two of which should have been performed at the General Mass Hospital in the city of Boston.

The prosecutor in charge of the case, Milciades Guzman, as well as the director of Department of Crimes and Crimes Against the Person, Cesar Augusto Alcantara, have been tasked with guiding the process and so far they have succeeded in ensuring that everyone involved in the case is under the preventive detention measure, which they have asked the court to maintain during the hearing of the process, alleging that the accused group is allegedly engaged in organized crime, in particular murder for pay.

According to the versions given by some of the defendants and by the authorities, the attack which ended up seriously injuring the player was supposed to be directed against another person, a version of events which drew attention as they entered. Ortiz and said individual does not exist in physical resemblance.

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The Second investigating court of Santo Domingo brought the day February 19 of the current year as the date of the first hearing to hear the accusation filed by the authorities. The legal representatives of the player, the other person injured in the attack and the individual against whom the shots were supposed to be directed are expected to be present for the same informed sources with full credit to ESPN digital.

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