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Juan Carlos Osorio: this is his situation with America – Colombian Soccer – Sports

The era of Juan Carlos Osorio as coach of América lives its most tense moment, although for now there is no solution. The poor results of the season, the DT’s differences with the board, and the fall against Tolima, on date 13 of the League, led the leaders to find a way to end the link with the DT. But the issue, for now, is an uncertainty.

The last meeting between Tulio Gómez, America’s largest shareholder, and coach Juan Carlos Osorio, this Wednesday, did not prosper in order to negotiate the departure of the coach on favorable terms.

The first request was not exactly for money, since they asked him to resign, but Osorio said he was not willing to step aside. Then came the first economic offer, which was rejected, and a second, which was also negative.

Osorio sticks to his idea that if they want to get him out, they must pay him the remaining 15 months of his contract, which America cannot do at the moment.

It has been known unofficially that Osorio earns 200 million pesos a month, so the total for his compensation would be 3 billion.

Tulio, who initially offered to pay him the remaining three months until June, would have doubled the offer, that is, to pay him six months, about 1,200 million, but this was rejected by the DT.

Osorio does not want to leave

A source consulted by EL TIEMPO said: “He does not want to resign. He does not recognize that he is doing badly for him.” Thus, the money offered to Osorio did not move him to leave. Of course, the DT reiterated to Tulio Gómez that he wants to stay until the end of Liga I, because he is convinced that he can reverse the situation.

Osorio insists that he can get the team through this bad time. America is today in 15th place, with 15 points. He has barely won four games in the entire championship.

But Osorio, despite this difficult situation, would have reaffirmed his promise: if he is not champion this semester, he will leave voluntarily and without receiving compensation.

Meanwhile, the version is running that Osorio would not lead Sunday’s game against Millonarios.

The Osorio crisis

Juan Carlos Osorio arrived at the scarlet box for the second half of 2021 and did not achieve the objectives set. He was about to leave at the end of the year. He finally stayed, but this semester the team has not responded. The team, no matter how much the coach highlights game by game that he dominates, has a position and lacks the results, because he is not convincing.

Last Sunday, after the fall of América in Ibagué, DT opened the door to his departure, if the leaders so decided. “I’m willing to leave America, because the most important thing is for the team to qualify and it will be up to other people to decide.”


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