Journalist Georgiana Capuerde died after a hard fight with the disease. God rest her!

Georgiana Capuerde was born on December 30, 1963.

Known as a formidable journalist, being part of the new generation of journalists trained after 1989, few know that she also flirted with dramaturgy, adapting plays that were successful. Among these, we list: “1,2,3 we register!”; “Alms money, loan dreams”; “Mr. Mio’s Dream.”

Georgiana Capuerde has worked for newspapers such as Universul Bucure┼čtilor or Libertatea.

“She fought the disease in her own style: with humor. He persecuted her, made fun of her and gave her a two-year-old daughter. He hid his suffering under the guise of a deceptive good mood. Her last text, sucked, she wrote on the blog less than a month ago. Also there, on the blog remains Georgia’s most comprehensive CV: I am mother, wife, sister, aunt, niece, colleague, girlfriend, friend, neighbor, ex-girlfriend, ex-Mrs. Higgins, journalist, writer, ghostwriter and other little things that complete a life “, underline those from


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