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Josef Laufer’s Chorister Reveals Heartbreaking Details: “He Won’t Respond” – Exclusive Interview with Vlasta Kahovcová

And that they would very much like to visit him. “I told Ester that I would go see Pepa, that maybe she would react to my voice. And she that it won’t work because she won’t tell me where she lies. That no one knows about it, so that it doesn’t get shouted out and that no one goes to him anywhere.” she told the newspaper Aha! the former Gottova chorister Vlasta Kahovcová (80) with the fact that Runner still not responding.

On the left, on the right…

“Ester told me that he opened his eyes once. He looked to the left, then to the right, not at her, and closed them again. It’s terrible to end up like this, for him, but above all for his family,” stated Vlasta, who last saw Josef just a few days before the collapse, when he was celebrating his eightieth birthday. “He invited me into his French family, Juchal, he was full of energy. I don’t understand what had to happen for him to turn out like this…” Kahovcová shrugged.

Stolen choristers

She has known the singer since 1971, who failed to wake up from anesthesia after a planned banal heart valve operation. “He wanted two choristers with him, but they won’t be somewhere in the back, but in the front,” recalled Vlasta, who together with Jarmila Gerlova (81) got to Cuba with Laufer. Both owe a lot to the singer. “It was Pepík who drew attention to us, which is why Karel Gott also wanted us afterwards. And the most beautiful period in our lives began,” admitted Vlasta. “And when we started with Jarmila (and more Jitka Zelenkova, note ed.) to sing with Karl, Laufer walked around Prague and said everywhere: Gott stole my choristers! Kahovcová added with a laugh.

An unfulfilled promise

When Josef Laufer celebrated his 80th birthday, Jarmila Gerlová (80) showed him a memorable photo from Cuba from 1971, in which they are with Vlasta Kahovcová. “Pepík yelled at me: I want that photo and I want it framed! I immediately took it to the framer that I would give it to him as a dedication when he was eighty-one. And it’s still with the framer…” Jarmila sighed.

The most famous shrub

Kahovcová performed with Karl Gott between 1975 and 1979. Together with Jarmila Gerlova and Jitka Zelenková (73), they formed Slavík’s most famous group.

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