Jørgine Massa Vasstrand and Morten Sundli:

Two years ago, exercise influences Jørgine Massa Vasstrand (31), also known as “Funkygine”, and her husband Morten Sundli (30), welcomed their first child together.

In 2018, the son Milano was born.

“Finally!!!” she wrote in an Instagram post by the trio at the time.

Jørgine also has a daughter Filippa and a son Socrates from a previous relationship, while Milano is Sundli’s first child.

The 31-year-old has become a very popular face in recent years. Both in the reality series “Funkyfam”, which will soon begin its second season, and on the blog, the 31-year-old has offered himself – and let the audience take part in the family’s ups and downs.

As a result, followers have become very curious about the influencer’s privacy, and a question that is constantly on the lips of fans is the question of a family increase.

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– Now I’m so bored

Lately, however, there has been just as much fuss about a family increase in the form of a dog, and followers have regularly received updates from the 31-year-old on social media on just that.

However, it does not look like a dog is in the cards for the family of five, because Morten has been very clear that he does not want a barking fur animal in the house.

– Now I’m so tired of these things here, the football player tells Dagbladet in connection with the press conference for the new season of «Funkyfam», and adds:

– It’s the time it’s time. I understand that with that cuddle and I understand what Jørgine, and everyone else here, means, but I know that it is I who will take the most responsibility. So I think a little longer than they do, and therefore we have to postpone it until we have a little more time.

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– There will be children

– What about a family increase in the form of a child?

– There will be children, we have time for that. We have no concrete plans, but it takes a bit of time and timing as well.

– You want it to happen right now, Jørgine shoots in with a laugh.

The husband agrees, and at the same time reveals that they do not know when it will be, but that the couple definitely wants to expand the family.

– Yes, I want it to happen as soon as possible, but I understand that you have to plan things so that it is best. Exactly when I do not know, but it will come.

Traumatic event

As mentioned, it is two years since Jørgine and Morten could welcome Milan. Before the birth, the mother of three expressed that she was very much looking forward to expanding the family, but that she was afraid that complications would arise.

When his son Socrates was born six years ago, the training flu went through a very traumatic event.

– It was only an hour after the birth and I was breastfeeding Socrates. I had an epidural and had no feelings in my legs. But suddenly I felt that it had gotten wet in bed, and when I lifted up the duvet, there were huge amounts of blood that were there, Jørgine told Se og Hør in 2018.

SAINT: There is a great atmosphere in “Funkyfam” when Jørgine visits her mother in Ålesund. Video: TV 2 Sumo / Red Carpet
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Shortly afterwards, her room was filled with chief physicians, anesthesiologists, and midwives, and there was no doubt that the situation was serious.

– They did not manage to inform me about what happened, so I did not understand anything. I saw that they filled my blood into bags, and I later learned that the reason was that they could weigh how much blood I lost.

Afterwards, the 31-year-old was informed that she had lost a full two liters of blood. Due to the large number, it was then questioned whether she needed a blood transfusion. Fortunately, the blood percentage returned to normal after a few months.

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