Jorge Paradela joins the executive committee of Sevilla directly

Sevilla intends to make a very important qualitative and quantitative leap in the club’s line of business and commercial relations, everything that involves income unrelated to sports activity and capital gains from the sale of footballers. The choice of a person with vast experience in this framework, such as Jorge Paradela, a former Heineken executive, and the creation to this of a new senior executive position, general director of business, has to do with that leap that aims to be longitudinal and transversal, locally and internationally. In fact, Paradela has directly entered the executive committee.

In its first steering committee, which is what the senior executives of Sevilla call the assemblies, with an agenda included, of its executive committee, Paradela was already part of it as one more member. He sat down with all the members of the group except Monchi, surely immersed in the business of this time of the market, although he also visited him in his office.

Thus, the executive committee now consists of seven people, which include the club’s president, José Castro; the two vice presidents, José María del Nido Carrasco and Gabriel Ramos, the three general directors, José María Cruz, Monchi and Jorge Paradela; and the general deputy director Jesús Arroyo.

In addition, the general business management houses the three departments related to the line of commercial relations and image of Seville, which previously did not have a single pyramidal structure: marketing, previously dependent on Ramón Loarte, until his departure; communication, by Jesús Gómez; and ticketing, within the social area, with Javier Llanes. Everything is under the mantle of the new specific general direction for commercial relations, image and business.

Aside from shaping Sevilla’s first sponsor, which is still up in the air in a crisis context, Paradela wants to increase the club’s international presence, with the team’s tremendous track record as the best ambassador. But it also aims to give a twist to the club’s treatment of the ordinary fan, the lifelong Sevilla player, the faithful subscriber of the card. In his interview with SFC Radio, he also spoke of sustainability, of continuous digitization … and of looking and giving his place to the partner. There modernity should not be at odds with tradition.



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