Jordan Henderson Aims to Develop Saudi Professional League with the Help of Stephen Gerrard

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Jordan Henderson, player of the Saudi club Al-Ittifaq, said that he hopes to be a big part of the development of the Saudi Professional League over the next few years, referring to the role of coach Stephen Gerrard in his coming to Saudi Arabia.

In statements reported by Eurosport, the English midfielder said, “It’s exciting times. I love football, so I want to try to develop it around the world, and I know that people in Saudi Arabia love the game.”

He continued by saying, “I hope that we will continue to develop the Saudi league, and over the next few years, and I hope to be a big part of that.”

Regarding the role of the technical director of Al-Ettifaq club, Gerrard, in joining the team this summer, Henderson said: “He was clearly a big reason for my coming, to work with him and play under his leadership.”

And about the possibility of him being excluded from the England national team after his departure from the English Premier League and moving to the Saudi League, the 33-year-old explained: “I focus on playing for Al-Ettifaq Club and doing my best. If I do that, there is no reason for me not to play for the national team.” England, as the manager (Gareth Southgate) said.

Jordan Henderson added: “Obviously we (he and Southgate) have talked over the past few weeks about it, because playing for England means a lot to me, and I feel I can still give a lot to the team, as I did in the last few matches in the World Cup.” .

2023-08-09 04:23:39

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