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“Jokowi Sets High Target for Indonesian Athletes at the 32nd Sea Games in Cambodia”


President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) sending off the departure of the 844 Indonesian contingent to the 32nd Sea Games in Cambodia. Jokowi set a target for athletes to get more gold than before.

“Today I will release the 32nd Sea Games contingent to Cambodia, where we will send 599 athletes. And will take part in 31 sports. I only ordered that at the Sea Games in Vietnam we won 69 gold medals at that time, and our ranking is at 3rd place,” said Jokowi when giving directions at the Palace Square, Jakarta, Tuesday (2/5/2023).

Jokowi then set a target for the athletes to bring more gold medals from the Sea Games in Vietnam. Jokowi also asked that Indonesia’s championship rankings also increase.

“Now it should be more than that. I ask for gold to be above 69, the rank is also above 3, there are only 2 choices, rank 1 or 2,” Jokowi added.

Jokowi reminded that getting the target was not easy. Because of that he asked the athletes to work hard.

“This is not an easy target, not an easy target, but I see that the athletes who are here, as well as those who are departing certainly have very sufficient provisions to compete in Cambodia,” said Jokowi.

“By saying bismillahirrahmanirahim, this morning I declare the 32nd Sea Games contingent in Cambodia in 2023 to be departing,” Jokowi concluded.

Meanwhile, Menpora Dito Ariotedjo said the Indonesian contingent would take part in 31 sports out of a total of 36 sports to be contested. The number of athletes participating in the Sea Games was 599 athletes.

The total contingent leaving for Cambodia was 844 people. This number consists of athletes, coaches, officials, as well as the support of the head quarter team and sports personnel, and there is also a recovery team with a total contingent of 884 people.

Dito said that currently several sports have competed earlier such as football, cricket and indoor hockey. This large group will depart on May 4, 2023.


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