Jokowi Helps Pay for College Children of Mothers Who Confide While Crying in Manado


Do you still remember the incident when a mother suddenly cried hysterically to President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) while visiting in Manado? At that time, a mother named Siti Mafira asked for help because she could not afford to pay for her son’s college. At that time, Jokowi responded responsively to Siti’s statement.

How are you doing now? It turns out, Jokowi has provided assistance to pay for college tuition Devid Telussa (19), son of Siti Mafira. The assistance was provided by Jokowi through the Presidential Secretariat (Setpres).

“Mr. President’s visit to Manado on January 20, 2023. Mr. President gave us directions to help Ms. Siti Mafira and her son Mas Devid who could not afford to pay tuition fees. So today we convey his mandate to help Mrs. Siti so that Ananda Devid can continue his studies Again, I hope this is useful and can ease Mrs. Siti’s burden,” said Presidential Secretariat Staff, Ronal Sinamo, via the Secretariat’s YouTube channel, Sunday (29/1/2023).

For this assistance, Siti and Devid thanked Jokowi. Because, with this assistance, Devid was able to continue his studies at Sam Ratulangi University, majoring in the Faculty of Law.

“Can’t be disclosed, sir. Because to be honest, how about this, sir? This is one very big amount of money. Devid and education too. Devid also thanks Mr. Jokowi a lot for helping Devid. Because this is one of the very valuable for Devid, so Devid would like to thank Mr President Jokowi for helping Devid,” said Devid with tears in his eyes.

Debt to Pay for College

Devid’s father, Hamid Monoartu, also admitted that he borrowed money to send his son to college. The tofu-tempe delivery driver admitted that he had asked his son not to continue his studies due to financial constraints. However, he did not have the heart because Devid had a strong will to go to college.

“Because he had such a strong will to continue, but we also didn’t have the ability of the parents, let alone talk about college, it cost a lot. One parent also thought that after all, try the first attempt to try to get in. So we tried to pay the first Rp. The 3 million is not complete. Some of it we have borrowed from friends has not been (paid off) until now, but they say they are sincere,” said Hamid.

Siti also revealed Devid’s persistence in going to school. That is what made Siti work up the courage to ask for help when she met Jokowi.

“At that time Mr Jokowi I took my hand and at that time I poured out my heart to Mr. Jokowi and at that time Mr. Jokowi immediately accepted me kindly, asked for my KTP ‘Do you have your KTP, ma’am?’ There is Pak Jokowi. ‘Do you have a cellphone number?’ There is Pak Jokowi. I have a cell phone number there and at that time Pak Jokowi left at 05.00, at 07.00 I was called. Pick up the phone ‘Madam please give me the data I will want this and that’, the mother told me. I was immediately (at that time) selling, I sat crying, O Allah, thank you, O Allah, for granting me the prayer so far,” said Siti.

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