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Johan’s Hardware Hub: Blanc mask takes it a step further

Johans Hardwarehub is a column in which we discuss the best and most striking gadgets and hardware every week. This week it’s about the Blanc mask.

Today we have become more used to the face masks that should offer us more protection against the corona virus. In Asia, mouth masks have been used by many inhabitants for years. During the measures that have been in place for several months now, mouth masks or even full face masks are used almost everywhere in the world. These are often transparent caps, so that you are still clearly visible, but that still stop flying bacteria or virus particles that float in the air.

The Blanc mask goes one step further. This piece of technology is a face mask that should better protect the wearer from harmful particles in the air. In addition, it also looks really futuristic, but whether it is also nice for the people around you is still the question. With the mask on you are very much like a futuristic robot where you cannot see the face of the wearer. You can dress it up by using different colors or patterns. The Blanc mask has two HEPA filters that filters the air for 99.97% so that you breathe in almost completely clean air.

Although we will not just see everyone wearing such a mask, it is still a big hit Kick starter. More than 100,000 euros has already been collected, so there are many interested people who would like such a mask. If you are also interested, you can reserve a copy for approximately € 67.


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